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Below are some answers to commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

what are iToppers graphic skins?

iToppers are vinyl skins that adhere right to the outer front cover of your MacBook or iBook computer. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of your personal computer, but they protect the cover from scratches as well. Each skin is cut to fit your MacBook.

what material is used to make the skins?

We us only high-quality pressure sensitive vinyl film made by 3M or similar professional level vinyl manufacturers. Our skins are manufactured in the USA!

how difficult is it to apply the graphic skin to my computer?

If you carefully read and follow the complete application instructions provided with your order you should experience success applying your new iToppers graphic to your computer. learn more

can I remove the skin from my computer?

Yes, it is relatively easy to remove an graphic skin with little effort. Simply peel a corner of the vinyl graphic with your fingernail and pull it off. In most cases there will be little or no sticky residue. If there is, we have had success using a small amount of mild household glass cleaner or WD-40 sprayed on a cloth (not onto the computer itself) to remove the residue. To finish, clean entire surface using a mild household glass cleaner sprayed directly onto a cloth.

Caution: Make sure to read the directions on your solvent remover to ensure that it will not harm the surface of your computer. We cannot assume responsibility for any damage to your computer.

can iToppers' graphic skins be reapplied once removed?

No. iToppers' graphic skins are designed for one use only. As a low-cost option for customizing your computer you can purchase new iToppers whenever you desire a change.

will the adhesive on iToppers graphic skins permanently damage my computer in any way?

We have tested iToppers graphic skins on several MacBooks and have experienced no damage.

how long will iToppers graphic skins last?

iToppers' graphic skins can last for years with care. However, many of our customers purchase new iToppers periodically to give their portable computer a new look.

will introduce new designs or be available for other computers?

We add new designs regularly and may introduce new products for other computers and peripherals periodically. Your suggestions for new products and styles are always welcome. Contact us with your ideas.

is there a way to create a custom skin for my computer?

Yes! We can create custom graphic skin for your computer from your own photo or graphic image. The cost varies depending on the computer, image and quantity you are wanting. Learn more about creating a custom iToppers.

can I get a skin that will not show the glowing Apple logo?

Yes, we can produce custom skins on a special black-out vinyl that will hide the glow from the Apple logo. Please note that preference when ordering your custom MacBook skins.



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