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Every week we offer a special design or two at a great low price. Some of these skins are brand new designs, some are closeouts, and some are just popular designs and we want to celebrate with a great price. Hurry -- this sale ends on Sunday!

new designs on sale this week only!

This week our sale skins are brand new designs that we're offering at a great low price.


tie-dye (psychedelic)

tie-dye (pink)



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This website and the products available here are in no way associated with Apple Inc. or MacBook computers. The skins are shown on MacBook computers for reference only. The Apple Trademark Logo that is seen in the photos is actually the glow through the semi-opaque vinyl from the lighted Apple Logo on the front of the MacBook computer when it is powered on and in the open position. There IS NO APPLE LOGO imprinted on any of these skins. To see how the skin will appear on a closed MacBook computer, click the magnifying icon.

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