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Several years ago our oldest daughter was preparing to head off to college. Being a Mac family, she wanted one of those Tangerine “clamshell” iBooks like Elle Woods had in Legally Blonde. Well, at the time the original iBook that came in a variety of colors had been replaced with the then new white iBook. Although the new iBook was very cool, it wasn't the colored iBook our daughter was wishing for.

So... we got to thinking. Why not bring some color to her new iBook? There were all kinds of mods available for the iPod. Surely there was something for the iBook. Our search came up empty, short of spending thousands of dollars for a customized iBook. Someone had to make a skin for the iBook, but we couldn't find a thing. So we did it ourselves!

The criteria was to keep it inexpensive and easy. We wanted to offer something that looked like it was a part of the original design... not a cheap add-on. We looked at the original "clamshell" iBook for inspiration and developed the portfolio design. Before we knew it we were talking to others who were interested in the skins. Soon after, iToppers.com was launched. As far as we know, they were the first skins on the market designed specifically to fit iBook computers.

Now we offer a full line of skins for MacBook computers with colorful graphics. We desire to produce a product that enhances the look of the computer, while maintaining the integrity of the original design and engineering. iToppers' skins are made proudly in the United States, and we've shipped our skins all over the world. And we're glad to be able to serve you, too!



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